Going After Sturgeon on British Columbia’s Fraser River

Most of the world’s largest fish live in marine environments, although some make their way inland to spawn. There are a few species of fish, though, that grow to almost unbelievable sizes while spending all or most of their lives in fresh bodies of water.

These can make for some of the most exciting fishing of all for anglers who know where to find them. Companies like JOHNNY’S SPORT FISHING specialize in making sure their clients will have memorable experiences.

British Columbia is a Top Destination for Anglers

The western Canadian province of British Columbia features a wealth of beautiful rivers, lakes, and ponds. British Columbia draws many thousands of recreational anglers every year who seek out fish like trout and salmon.

While such fish can be exciting to pursue, hook, and land, there are some even more impressive options to consider. Among the largest freshwater fish in the world are the sturgeon that inhabit certain rivers in British Columbia.

In fact, a prime specimen of this species can easily grow to 50 or more times the size of a record-setting trout. With sturgeon of well over 1,000 pounds being caught in British Columbia quite regularly, there are few fish anywhere in the world that consistently get larger.

Experts Know How to Find and Entice Sturgeon

It takes a wary attitude for any fish to live long enough to grow to such a massive size. Sturgeon are notoriously sensitive to unusual alterations to their environment and prone to becoming withdrawn if too much of a commotion is being made.

Many anglers who try to hook sturgeon on their own end up coming home empty-handed. Experienced guides are always better equipped than amateurs to set up a satisfying encounter with these remarkable fish.

As a result, most experts recommend that anglers intent on pursuing British Columbia’s sturgeon sign up for guided trips to do so. This will ensure that precious hours are spent maximizing the odds of actually catching a trophy-size specimen.

Any angler who does so will come away from that day with memories that will last for a lifetime. There are plenty of other fish in British Columbia that are worth going after, but none are as impressive as the sturgeon.