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In the face of adversity, will you be the one who falters or will you be the one who rises? We would all like to think that we are the people who will rise when faced with this trial instead of falling under the pressure. How often this proves true may more depend on the situation than with the type of people we are. Despite the situation though, we still are faced with the decision of continuing or giving up. That is the choice when it comes to adversity and one we make on almost a daily basis. One man faces adversity head-on day after day and project after project and despite the odds, continues to push for a better future.

Path of An Entrepreneur

Jim Plante may have started out working in the medical technology company of his father; however, the years following would push him well beyond your average employee. Moving from his father’s business to school and then onto grander adventures, he went on to become quite the entrepreneur, founding multiple technology companies. When adversity hit again, in the form of his father’s death, Mr. Plante didn’t let it hold him back or beat him down. On the contrary, Mr. Plante continues to invest in companies and invent technologies with many mentions in biotechnology and health care. Founding Pathway Genomics where his vision was to “make comprehensive genetic testing and personalized medicine accessible and affordable to all. Today Mr. Plante continues his dream through the efforts of multiple companies in technology, biotechnology, and health care, including Thynk Capital which focuses on biotechnology.

Keep Your Head High and Health Up

Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “the greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.” Mr. Plante seems to embody this quote in his pursuit to make health care more accessible and affordable to all people. He also serves as an inspiration and example to follow for those who wish to pursue their own goals in the realm of entrepreneurship. The world is full of adversity; however, it is also full of hope for those who wish to chase their dreams.