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Alternative Engagement Rings for Non-Traditional Couples

Over years, rings have been used a symbol of the union between people in love. An engagement rings is usually issued as a proof of commitment before the wedding. In the ancient times, engagement rings were simple items made from less valuable metals such as copper. Today, you will realize that engagement rings are usually crafted from valuable metals such as diamond, silver, and gold. If you are a non-traditional couple, you should know that you have a wide range of options when choosing engagement rings. In this article, you will learn about the engagement ring options for non-traditional couples such as tanzanite rings and sunstone rings.

To begin with, you should consider buying a beautiful Moissanite ring. The beauty of a Moissanite rings usually depends on the lab. If you do not want to use diamond rings, then you should opt for a Moissanite ring. Also, you should note Moissanite rings are usually long-lasting and less expensive. The use of diamond rings is declining because of self-consciousness and cost. Additionally, you should think of Morganite as a suitable engagement ring. Morganite usually pair well with rose gold and perfect for females. Just like Moissanite, Morganite rings are also known to be durable.

Next, you should consider tanzanite rings. If you desire something exotic for your partner, you should consider tanzanite rings. The mineral is only found in one place on earth which is Tanzania. The reason to choose tanzanite rings is clarity and sturdiness. Diamond rings are usually long-lasting and that is why the demand is high. Even so, you should have the financial capability to get a diamond ring. If you need a durable ring and you are on a tight budget, you should consider sapphire. In the market, you will find sapphire rings in a wide range of colors hence ideal for use as an engagement ring.

Labradorite is another stone that is used for making jewelry such as rings. If you need an aesthetically appealing engagement ring, you should consider Labradorite. Moonstone ring is the other choice for you. The rings are usually white and cloudy. Apart from moonstone, you should think of sunstone. Sunstone rings usually come in a wide range of colors; red, pink, orange, and green.

The other stone used in making rings is Tourmaline. In most cases, you will find pale green Tourmaline colors. At the bottom of the is list is rough-cut stones. Rough-cut stones usually guarantee natural beauty. To sum up, ring options such as tanzanite rings are usually ideal for use as engagement rings for non-traditional couples.